Driver’s Education required, not offered at school

By Makayla Polson

Student drivers must complete Driver's Ed.
Student drivers must complete Driver’s Ed.

Both home economics and driver’s education classes have been eliminated from schools. Teens are required to take the driver’s education class and complete the required amount of driving hours before taking the test to receive their license. If these things are required then why has the privilege of taking these classes in our schools been taken away from us?

When the majority of our parents were in school, home economics was required to graduate and receive your high school diploma. Students were taught how to sew on buttons and many other skills that are required to perform tasks in the real world. Many of today’s teens are not capable of completely caring for themselves. They lack skills to perform everyday tasks in everyday life. 

When my mom was in school she was in driver’s education taught by Mr. Keith Sanders who also taught me driver’s education before I received my license. Student drivers left campus and were taught how to properly drive, park, and be cautious of other drivers. Many teens today wait until the age of seventeen to try for their license so they don’t have to take the driver’s education course. This is why our roads are becoming a dangerous place to drive, students are not being properly educated on how to drive their vehicles.

I believe that both of these classes should be brought back into our school system. Teens are becoming less independent because we are not taught proper skills for everyday life and we have to rely on our parents and older generations. What will our children do when they need something in the future and we don’t have the skills to provide for them?

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